Monday, August 30, 2010

raya 2010

we will be away during raya this year.going to be in brisbane and gold coast for 8 days.but before that i have a lot of things to wrap up.
the thing i dread most is...mia attending year 4 starting 2nd sept..oh gawd..i have not wrapped her books or even organise her stuff..have to start driving in the morning again and fetching her again in the evening..then after raya all of her extra curricular activities will resume class,piano,ballet,iqra lessons..i get tired just thinking of those classes.
i'm busy making cookies now..ensuring my mom has everything she needs for hari raya.i need to itemise the chores that my maid will have to do in my absence in my mom's house.that reminds me that i have not bought the maid's baju raya yet.i need to sort out the duit raya for nieces and nephews and the little children who visit my mom's house to get the duit has always been my duty to organise raya spread every year..this year i will let my other siblings handle siblings are not too happy about this..ha..ha..too bad.
then the packing up process.i hate this part.ensuring mia has everything she needs.always worried that she doesn't have enough clean clothes although i've been told again and again not too worry so much. more travelling for raya again..too much work and no time to rest.
i will miss my mom's nasi dagang and all the trimmings..i will miss chatting with her all the way to subuh while preparing the spread on the eve of raya.
hope everyone will have a good raya and drive safe.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


my daughter mia age 3.she used to be so chubby.

another one at age 3...

mia after appearing in grease production in klpac in 2010.

more to come if i 'rajin' enough to look for them..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


just came back from bangkok for a short shopping trip.chose to stay in holiday inn bangkok.mia and i love thailand.
but this time around we were unsure whether it was safe to go to bangkok after the massive red t shirt rallies.they burned down the good portion of central world which is a shame to the country.the thais with their "mai pen rai" attitude are usually very calm and docile in character.

anyway the shopping was was the last weekend of their grand sale.but i always know that thailand is always in sale mode.i always reserve august and december for shopping trips in thailand.the thais celebrate mother's day in august in conjunction with the queen's birthday and father's day in december in conjunction with the king's birthday.

since mia is going back to school in september,the shopping is mainly for her back to school shopping.bought her samsonite school bag.why is it in kuala lumpur i can't find kiddies samsonite bags but in thailand the bags can be found easily?this time around i chose panda shape bag.when she was in year 1,it was the lady bird shape bag,in year 2,she chose penguin shape bag and and in year 3 she chose the bumble bee shape bag.i like samsonite bags because they are sturdy and won't break easily unlike the barbie bag or any other character bags which can be found easily in malaysia.samsonite bags come with worldwide warranty.

another thing why i love to shop in thailand is because i can find lelli kelly shoes for mia.bought the black ones for school and colourful ones for leisure.the other place i can find lelli kelly shoes are in harrods london.mia is very fussy about her shoes.she has problem with her feet and tendons since she was born so we tend to splurge on her shoes.the shoes must be lightweight,padded for minimum impact and have enough room to breathe.every 3 months we will see her podiatrist just to evaluate her shoes and feet.

aside from that,bought her raya clothes as well.this year we will celebrate raya in brisbane.but thank god winter in brisbane is very mild if compared to bonn,germany.mia used to cry a lot in bonn because of the extreme winter.she suffers from asthma from time to time so we always need to ensure she is winter we took her to skiing area border of germany and austria,the snow was so heavy that she could hardly walk.the snow was up to her thighs so till today she hates snow.

as usual a trip to bangkok is not complete without having massages and mani/pedi treatment.we love thong lor for beauty cheap and so good.mia had fish spa as well and chose bright red for nail colour.the thais tend to spoil children.i remember one time in central chaeng wattana mia wanted a soft perm and i sent her to a hair salon there,she was attended to by at least 6 people in the salon.2 girls were doing her nails and 2 girls were doing her hair and the other 2 girls were entertaining her,fetching her juice or feeding her ice cream and even to the point of lifting her up after the perm to put xmas decorations in the xmas tree in the salon!

have to wait till december to go again..but chiangmai is lovely in december.the air is cooler there.and pattaya is lovely too.pattaya has a huge factory outlet for clarks shoes.and of course phuket for the beach.but i prefer hua hin to relax and eat good seafood.