Thursday, May 5, 2011

super busy

aida and mia are heading to bandung tomorrow.we are sending the maid back home.i want to ensure her hard earned money gets back home safely.she managed to save 15k in a space of 2 years.and this morning  i went to tesco to buy chocolates,biscuits and presents for her family members.came home with the items i bought and she started crying.aiya..i can't stand drama or tears.but i know she is poor and after getting divorced for not being able to conceive a baby i know she wants to go home with money so she can buy her own house and cows.apparently she needs to salvage her family pride.i often teased her that she needs to learn how to cook to keep a husband by her side.her cooking is we don't allow her to cook but instead i showed her how to cook.

i hardly managed to relax eversince easter break ended.mia went to camp in port dickson for the first time and that was a whole lot of drama for me to let her go for 3 days.i sobbed after dropping her off.but mia on the other hand was only too happy to be away from mummy.hmm..

on top of that i've decided to squeeze in a minor master bathroom renovation while the maid is still around to clean up.but the hacking and the contractors going in and out of my house make me feel like this is the last renovation in this house.can't stand messy floor,can't stand dirty foot make it worse the contractor is someone i've known forever so he thinks he has the right to go in and out of rooms to inspect leaving a trail of dirt behind him..argh!

i need to pack 3 luggages tonite and helping the maid to pack her luggage as well.dropped off my 3 bunnies at the pet boarding place.changed my ringgit to indonesian rupiah earlier and i always feel like a millionaire when i have rupiah in my wallet..ha..ha.

let's hope i get a chance to relax in bandung and find some good spa next week i don't have a maid to clean up anymore while waiting for the new one to arrive (god knows when).i need serious pampering before i have to be a glorified maid next week.

to nenek penne,i haven't had a chance to go to post office since i came back from bangkok.will do so when i get back ok darling.and i'm wondering is it ok if i put your name as what u mentioned or do i need to write down your full name in order to send the package?



  1. Safe journey and happy spa-ing.

    Take pictures!!!

  2. Aida dear,

    Hv a nice trip to Bandung. Post some pics on the spa ok. I might be heading there circa sept with my mil for shopping. My youngest bil is getting married next yr & my mil dok pujuk i temankan dia membeli belah kat sana though i prefer Jkt :).

  3. lita:thanks dear.will post pics soon.
    maya:u must u must.good kebaya at fraction of a price being sold here.u know the super tight ones with loads of beadings favoured by indonesian fact tell yr mil to order wedding invitations there too.super cheap as well.i have always said that i will buy white wedding gown for mia from thailand and malay wedding kebaya or dress from indonesia when she gets married..well i hope she will marry slightly later than i did though.but having said that jakarta is good too for traditional wedding items.