Wednesday, April 6, 2011

koh samui

sometimes when i feel overwhelmed and tired of the everyday routine,i like to run away for few days on my own.just to clear my head and i come back as a better mom.recently i went to koh samui for a short weekend.left my pet bunnies at a boarding hotel in kota damansara and i left mia at home with her dad and the maid.knowing how ill equipped her daddy is at entertaining her,i left little presents for mia to open in my absence.

i stayed at Q signature koh samui and chose to stay at the private villa with private pool.

it's a beautiful place.i forgot to snap pictures of the airport.but i had a good chuckle when i saw the immigration counter is just in a small wooden cool is that?

i thought i wouldn't do any shopping since koh samui doesn't have any big departmental stores.but i managed to find some sports shops dotted along chaweng area.must say adidas,nike and other brands are much cheaper in thailand.of course i had foot massage every's so cheap in koh samui.

taxi fares are pricey here if compared to bangkok.short distance can cost u what i did was to use the shuttle van provided by the hotel.seafood is good try the seafood bbq nite.with lobsters and other common seafod items the hotel only charged thb750 per person.amazing.

for the first time i decided to try fish was a very ticklish experience to say the least.i will not do it again.

now i'm planning a short trip to bangkok in conjunction with the songkran festival.but this time with my darling mia.


  1. i feel you aida, sometime we must run away..haha. I ran away once and left Muffy with her dad. I backpacked to Aussie alone.It was the best time my life.

    I would love to run away again someday.

  2. su:i ran away to sydney in 2005.mia was less than 3 yrs old then.stayed in intercontinental and ordered tea service every afternoon.bliss!also bumped into russel crowe at the botanical gardens..double bliss!

  3. Aida dearie,

    I am totally up for both mummy's nite out & a 'me' day. there are times when you just want to be with either your friends or simply alone.
    i had my fun time with my gals in bangkok last year and this year we are heading to bali. the best thing is - only yummy mummies. bapakX2 & anakX2 duduk rumah....:)
    but i would love to travel alone like you one day...cuma i takut nnti i mati kutu pulak cakap sorangX2 dgn dinding....hahahha....

  4. maya:try to go for solo holidays but only at a place u think u can be safe.i don't like to go holidays with girlfriends because i want to wake up at whatever time i want and eat whatever i idea of a perfect holiday is when i don't have to wear my watch at all.aah..bliss.

  5. dah tak ingat bila kali terakhir manja kan diri sendiri :-)

  6. irfa:tak payah pergi jauh untuk manjakan diri..duduk dekat starbucks sorang sorang pun ok.