Friday, April 8, 2011

fake eggs

as someone who spend hours looking at contents and ingredients at the wet market or supermarket,i am deeply upset with the news that there are some fake eggs being sold in penang.what kind of nonsense is this?what kind of human beings would even consider coming up with such idea?

now what do we do to solve this problem?i can't tell the difference by just looking at the eggs.does that mean i have to break each egg to see whether it is a fake one.i don't think egg sellers would be too pleased with this method.

so fellow bloggers and readers be aware..the next time u attend a malay wedding,look at the bunga telur carefully.check whether it's fake or the real one.there goes my fav thing to do after a wedding which is to crack the boiled egg and eat it with soy sauce.

and this matter has been reported by the star newspapers today as follows:
GEORGE TOWN: Enforcement officers carted away 378 eggs from three stalls at the Pulau Tikus market following claims that fakes were being sold there.
Seven officers from the Penang Domestic Affairs, Co-operatives and Consumerism Department arrived at about 10am yesterday and seized three trays comprising 90 eggs from each of the stalls.
An hour later, a four-member team from the State Health Department collected more samples.
The seizures came in the wake of yesterday's news report that fake eggs, allegedly filled with chemicals, were found in Penang.
Is it real?: Health department officer Wong Kee Poh (right) examining the eggs at the Pulau Tikus market, Penang. —Bernama
Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president S.M. Mohamed Idris said a housewife complained that she bought a tray of 30 eggs for RM11 at the market but found they did not smell like real eggs and were tasteless.
A Domestic Trade Department spokesman said the samples would be sent to the Chemistry Department or the Veterinary Services Department for analysis.
He said the case, a first of its kind, would be investigated under Section 3 (1)(b) of the Trade Description Act 1972.
A Health Department spokesman said they received instructions to investigate following numerous complaints and news reports.
Egg seller Lim Beng Poh, in her 60s, said eggs at her stall were from her brother Lim Chong Teng's poultry farm in Titi Serong, Balik Pulau.
“We are sure the fake eggs are not from our stall,” she said.
At the farm, Chong Teng's wife Tham Siew Kean, 50, said they reared 7,000 chickens which produced about 5,000 eggs a day.
Another egg seller Tan Shuan Soon, 56, dismissed the reports of fake eggs, claiming that an egg's texture would change between seven and 10 days.
The Star reporter tasted a boiled egg at the CAP's office yesterday and found that it was “not awful but tasteless”.
“Unlike the real ones that have the smell of an egg being boiled, the fake ones were odourless,” she said.
Mohd Idris tried to separate the yolk from the egg white but the yolk broke into smaller pieces.
“In a real egg, the yolk can easily be removed whole,” she said.


  1. haha..i like psl telur kenduri makan ngan kicap tu..sgt sedap sekali pdhal kat umah boleh rebus 10 biji tapi takkan sama ngan 1 biji telur dari kenduri..siap berebut ngan anak :-)

    ada dgr psl telur tiruan ni tp x pikir sgt

  2. It is worrying. I am going to be paranoid now about it. :(

  3. irfa:ish kena fikir..risau i dengar pasal the fake eggs can affect our liver.scary.
    lita:i read in the star abt one egg seller who put a sign which states 'telur tulin'.the assurance is not sufficient.i'm getting paranoid now too.

  4. people are soo intelligent today, mcm2 nak invent
    mmm bumi ni dah kekurangan source gamaknya yer..

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  5. netnet:buailajulaju blog u yang baru ke?

  6. aida,

    people are being sooo creative nowadays. i thought cloning nie dah basi dah. rupa nyer re-brand pulak dlm bentuk telur....

    re telur rebus org kahwin - omg! my fav too! i a bit old fashioned. i prefer the classical gift rather than the uber ones nowadays. yg paling best tu, bunga telur tu i siap susun dlm vase. i got that bug from my MIL....

    btw - the entry is very informative. thanks a lot ya babe!

  7. maya:they ought to divert their creativity to something more how to eradicate urban poverty for example.ooh..u susun dalam vase..very like my mother lah u.i punya hobby just eat the eggs,the bunga telur i throw away.