Thursday, March 31, 2011

mia's 8th birthday

every year mia would choose the theme to her birthday party.this year she chose magic show of course i had to look for a magician.a wonderful magician by the name of chase lew came to my rescue.seriously this magician is really good with children.with a smiley face and a wonderful personality he has a complete package.u can find him at

the wonderful photos above were taken by a photographer by the name of fairuz ismail.u can find him at  a very professional young man who took so many photos of the event that i took 2 days to finish viewing all photos.

i'm so glad she enjoyed the the end of the party this took place..


  1. happy belated birthday darling mia from auntie maya & cha cha...

    btw aida, the pics looked great! awesome photographer you got there.

  2. maya:mia says thank u to both of u.yup..the photographer was so professional,i had a tough time trying to convince him to eat.he was so scared of missing a good photo op.

  3. untungnya Mia ;-)
    anak2 saya hanya beli kek shj bila besday mrk

  4. irfa:satu tahun sekali je.lagi pun anak satu boleh lah buat macam ni.kalau empat tak boleh buat.ha..ha.

  5. grandnya birthday bash for her...
    luckily u tak jemput i sebab mesti i rasa out of place nanti...

    always feel rendah diri...haishhhh

  6. netnet:ish..kenapa u nak rasa rendah diri?u menghilangkan diri macam mana nak jemput u?tak grand lah..biasa je.