Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas 2010

merry christmas everyone...we arrived safely in rome on 22nd december.rome is such a beautiful city.full of historical buildings and lovely shops.the row of shops are amazing in via condotti.i wish i had a lot of money to walk in and out of prada,gucci and the whole lot.i'm so happy my mom is here with me..loved watching her enjoying the scenery especially trevi fountain.
now we are in florence.yesterday we visited the leaning tower of was so cold then.i don't like the constant drizzling here.but the kids are praying hard for crazy is that?kept telling them snow is will be hard for me to drive on the road.
today we are heading to siena and tuscany area.i hope it will not be too cold.then we are heading to venice.i just hope venice won't be flooded.
i'm craving for malay food now.i want white rice with ikan kering and budu if possible.i'm tired of pasta and pizza.there is no arab restaurant or even a kebab shop.are there no muslims in italy?
anyway especially for nenek penne if u are reading this..i bought really colourful pasta for me yr address when i get home ok?


  1. rome..
    emm menarik tu..buleh masuk dalam list
    'negara yang ingin di lawati'..tahun ni tiket free burn tak gi mana2 pun ;-(

  2. Merry Christmas Aida and Mia.

    I know what you mean about missing malay food. After 1 day of Christmas feasting, my husband was looking for Asian food. :)

  3. happyirfa:u mesti try to go to italy ok.full of history and culture.esp with ticket free u must go.

  4. steest:merry xmas and happy new year.i love making xmas spread and every year i hold a special dinner for family to celebrate the birth of my xmas baby,mia.i hope u managed to whip up asian food for yr hubby?

  5. alamak...i baru baca entry ni after a long period of time..sorry dear...

    terharunya u beli untuk i....

  6. netnet:quickly email yr ofc address.i nak hantar ni.special sangat colour pasta kat sana.u mesti suka.