Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas 2010

merry christmas everyone...we arrived safely in rome on 22nd december.rome is such a beautiful city.full of historical buildings and lovely shops.the row of shops are amazing in via condotti.i wish i had a lot of money to walk in and out of prada,gucci and the whole lot.i'm so happy my mom is here with me..loved watching her enjoying the scenery especially trevi fountain.
now we are in florence.yesterday we visited the leaning tower of was so cold then.i don't like the constant drizzling here.but the kids are praying hard for crazy is that?kept telling them snow is will be hard for me to drive on the road.
today we are heading to siena and tuscany area.i hope it will not be too cold.then we are heading to venice.i just hope venice won't be flooded.
i'm craving for malay food now.i want white rice with ikan kering and budu if possible.i'm tired of pasta and pizza.there is no arab restaurant or even a kebab shop.are there no muslims in italy?
anyway especially for nenek penne if u are reading this..i bought really colourful pasta for me yr address when i get home ok?

Sunday, December 12, 2010


tomorrow is my birthday..but i feel depressed.i feel fat and frumpy.i feel like i'm getting old.i hope i snap out of this mode by tomorrow but i doubt it.

i'm sure tomorrow mia will sing happy birthday song to me at least 10000 times.she's always so excited for nice to be young and so carefree..when approaching birthdays are anticipated with great delight and amazing expectations.

on top of that i have a root canal treatment set for tomorrow afternoon.after that i doubt i can eat a piece of cake,let alone to enjoy birthday dinner i know my family members are arranging for me.

plus yesterday i saw something that broke my heart i've not been the only one imagining things.sigh..i hope i can rustle enough bubby spirit to make mia blissfully unaware of the dark thoughts brewing in my head.sigh..