Thursday, November 11, 2010


i'm really craving for..budu!it would be divine to eat a plate of hot rice with will be even more mouth watering if i were to have ikan bakar and fresh ulam.mmm..
my mom likes to put some shredded young mango in a plate of budu together with thinly sliced onions.yummy.i always tell my mom never to put a plate of budu if i'm on diet..somehow i tend to go for 2nd and 3rd helpings of rice with budu in front of me.

my nieces and nephew who live in kota bharu(their mom is one of the eye specialists in husm kubang kerian) think my obsession with budu is their eyes,i'm their hip and happening auntie(if compared to the rest..ha..ha).they call me,"mek salmah" when ever they see me eat budu and up till today i don't know why they crack up in laughter when they call me nieces and nephew speak english with kelantanese accent.they call pringles "kepok".but i love them to bits whenever they are in kl, i force them to speak english properly.don't get me wrong..i think highly of kelantan and kelantanese people.

in 2001,when my doctor sister who was staying in glasgow then (doctors seem to further their studies all the time) asked me to smuggle a bottle of budu for her.she was pregnant and all she craved was i had to fly from kl to heathrow and then fly to glasgow with the budu plus some ulam..crazy i the end,i arrived in glasgow airport(can't remember the name of the airport) but my luggage was nowhere to be seen.the officers later sent the luggage to my sister's house.up till today i think my luggage was opened and inspected by the officers because of the budu and the the time i got my luggage,my sister said that she was craving for cockles!so the next day i had the job of scouring glasgow for cockles.not very pleasant job in january i must confess.while scouring glasgow i found anchovy sauce in boots which is similar to budu i suppose and i felt like smacking my sister then.

i must learn to make budu from grandma makes her own budu up till now and she is 80 plus.i must also get mia to like budu which is a tough job because she is bread and cheese mom claims that budu making process is a very tough process.and she claims that all ingredients and utensils must be clean or else the quality of the budu will be compromised.

my father is not a budu lover.we place budu far away from him if we are eating at the dining table or else the old man would not eat.really strange i told him.when ever i scoop budu with a spoon he will grimace.and when i eat it like it's gravy,he will get upset and say it is not healthy to eat something so it smelly?i don't think budu smells bad.


  1. makan budu memang mcm tu kan... best

    mkan budu untuk otak yang sihat...dah ada kah kajian tentang budu tu...

  2. net..budu ketereh sedap ke?tadi i overheard a conversation budu ketereh in demand.mesti sedap.u kalau beli budu,beli dekat mana?

  3. budu cap ketereh tu memang best...budu tu dah lama dah i makan masa i budak2 lagi...selalu i tak beli budu tapi my sister kalau balik kampung mesti dia beli dalam botol yang kecil2 tu sebanyak 1 dozen... then i cilok la sebotol..:P

    last yang i tengok ada jual budu ialah di giant puchong...

    kadang2 depa jual dalam kuantiti yang sikit.. tu pun letak kat area2 barang2 kering

  4. dear aida..
    anak bujang saya(5tahun)sgt suka 'kicap coklat'.maksud dia kicap hitam tu kicap kipas udang..dan budu tu kicap coklat..saya suka makan budu ngan durian mentah..letak pulak cili padi..pergh...makan smpai bibir merah..sebab pedas.mak cakap makan macam nak bunuh diri..hehe

  5. budu dengan durian mentah?fuyo!tak pernah try this combination lagi.with cili padi?tak berani nak try.

  6. Hi Aida,
    Salam perkenalan. Was blog hopping when I came across you page. Like the write ups thus far. Life itself is an interesting adventure.
    Being a typical malaysian, of course I can't say no to Budu and the gang :)

  7. hi maya marisa..thanks for reading.mmm..another budu lover.

  8. Am Malaysian enuff...originally from Nogori..but i do love tenpoyak,budu,belacan & cencaluk plus ikan pekasam...ahhaha..all the smelly thingy laaa...hehhehe