Thursday, October 14, 2010


last saturday,i went to pasar with my walid.i like to drag my walid along so he can haggle the price for me and he will happily offer to carry my purchase.since i buy lots of seafood,the fish man has given me his business card so that i can call advance for various types of seafood that i want.

as i waited for my fish to be scaled and chopped into pieces or fillet,i stood in front of the fish old man wearing "kopiah"(is this how u spell it?) came closer towards me.out of the corner of my eye i could see that he was looking at me up and down.loudly he said,"oi boleh tepi sikit ka?sibuk asyik berdiri depan ikan sampai tak boleh orang pilih ikan!".i was so annoyed and so i said,"firstly,pak cik,saya orang melayu.secondly pakcik,kalau saya orang cina ke,orang kadazan ke,orang iban ke,pakcik kena cakap baik baik dengan saya".he was so shocked he quickly selected his fish and apologised to me.

i was wearing long leggings and t-shirt.i think i was appropriately dressed for pasar.besides i was standing next to my walid.thank god,he's a bit hard on hearing,if not i'm sure he would be upset with that pakcik.if an old man found it hard to communicate nicely to other  people be it of the same race or not,what kind of message is he sending to the younger generation.and if the younger generation refuse to listen to the elders or speak politely,why do we blame their teachers?education starts at home.

so much for 1 malaysia.sigh..

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