Sunday, October 24, 2010


i gave up a lot to be a stay at home mom.but i'm not complaining.i'm grateful to be given such an opportunity.i love doing the school run in the morning and fetching mia from school listening to her never ending stories.

but when i quit my job,i discovered that i have a passion for cooking and baking.before i got married,i was not even trusted to cook rice.and now mia's daddy is giving me an opportunity to do a diploma in french patisserie.i'm not sure whether i should take it.all this while i've been studying law (and i still love reading up law books until now..hence subjecting myself to ICSA torture).but can a legally trained mind switch to cooking?

i guess the fear stems from watching gordon ramsay on tv.what if while learning french cooking i get scolded by chefs just like mr ramsay?i don't think i can take the amount of "F" bombs apparently uttered in kitchens.but at the same time i'm so inspired by julia child.she did it when she was already married.

shall i take the plunge?


  1. ooopppss..i meant to say aida..terspell english style..ida.

  2. i can stand the word F because i sometimes use it .. sorry for my vulgar attitude..:P

  3. sue:thanks.i'm still thinking about it.another 3 years of learning with french lessons thrown in,i'm not sure i can do it.scary!
    net:not vulgar to some people.i sometimes use it too when i'm angry at mia's daddy.but it's different kalau kita kena marah with that word used against us all the time.takut air mata menitik dekat dalam kuali..then how?

  4. HAI AIDA..
    tumpang baca komen :-)