Monday, September 6, 2010

raya 2010

ish ish..orang suruh i pack baju but i'm still in front of computer listening to raya songs and blog how?malas betul ni.
mood terganggu.last nite my niece was playing with me and then she jumped off the sofa and hit the coffee table.big gash all the way to her skull.15 stitches.poor little airis.i'm sorry.i didn't know her latest obsession is jumping everywhere.she is only 1 year old.but whatever it is i don't like that private hospital near ampang point.the plastic surgeon looks so unprofessional and sounded so unprofessional too.i asked questions he didn't want to answer.i dah masuk my lawyer mode asking questions.ada ke patut dia nak intubate the little girl for GA and then never asked for any allergy.kalau allergic macam mana?and then nak hospitalise 1 whole nite.i kept asking for options and dia malas nak layan.last sekali dia tak larat nak dengar my questions,he said he could give her GA via ketamine gas and can be released after 2/3 hrs.ada pun non invasive option..i understand they want to make money but have a little compassion for a the plastic surgeon's clinic he put up advertisements for skin care product.sungguh tak professional.
tak habis lagi geram.

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  1. He is paid to answer all of your Questions! He should give you big discount for not giving a satisfactory service.

    He doesnt know kot you are a lawyer.. you should tell him, then baru dia nak "layan"