Wednesday, September 29, 2010

absent parent

please don't get me i phone 4 if u hardly called me up..i don't need one.what i need is for you to call your daughter when she's sick.find out how she is doing in school,who her friends are and what she likes to do in her free time.that would make me happy.presents don't mean much to mia and i if you were hardly present in our lives.

we know u are a workaholic..we understand.u need to work hard to support our lifestyle but what is the point of having beautiful dining table if we could have dinner together only twice a week.
i pity mia.she keeps track of your travelling schedules religiously every week.but i worry should i die earlier than you.who will take care of mia?who will attend to her needs?who will send her to her classes?i don't think you can.and if i were to die earlier,i suspect you will be even more workaholic than before because that is how you handle grief.i don't want her to be raised by a stranger.

wake up please.mia has been sleeping in her own room for sometime now.she is so big now.soon she is going to start locking her room and we have to ask her for her permission to enter.she has few more years before she turns into a this what you want?you used to complain about how your father was never there for you.i think you are merely repeating your father's mistakes.

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