Monday, August 30, 2010

raya 2010

we will be away during raya this year.going to be in brisbane and gold coast for 8 days.but before that i have a lot of things to wrap up.
the thing i dread most is...mia attending year 4 starting 2nd sept..oh gawd..i have not wrapped her books or even organise her stuff..have to start driving in the morning again and fetching her again in the evening..then after raya all of her extra curricular activities will resume class,piano,ballet,iqra lessons..i get tired just thinking of those classes.
i'm busy making cookies now..ensuring my mom has everything she needs for hari raya.i need to itemise the chores that my maid will have to do in my absence in my mom's house.that reminds me that i have not bought the maid's baju raya yet.i need to sort out the duit raya for nieces and nephews and the little children who visit my mom's house to get the duit has always been my duty to organise raya spread every year..this year i will let my other siblings handle siblings are not too happy about this..ha..ha..too bad.
then the packing up process.i hate this part.ensuring mia has everything she needs.always worried that she doesn't have enough clean clothes although i've been told again and again not too worry so much. more travelling for raya again..too much work and no time to rest.
i will miss my mom's nasi dagang and all the trimmings..i will miss chatting with her all the way to subuh while preparing the spread on the eve of raya.
hope everyone will have a good raya and drive safe.


  1. net,i don't blame u..with everything that is going on with yr life,memang tak ada mood.kuat kan semangat net.selamat hari raya.maaf zahir batin.