Friday, June 25, 2010

testing testing

just to test whether the blog is in order and ready to blog away.


  1. Aida,

    Let me welcome you to the blogging world. You have started with a sad piece of posting, something very personal. It tells a story. It can be used to imply something. It can be turned into a means of sending a message. You are a lawyer. You know what I mean.

    My hope is that you start blogging for a reason, more than just to socialise, more than just to record your personal diary. As a lawyer you naturally can write well. Use that skill to reflect your thoughts that readers will start to chew them over. Hopefully your readers learn something. That is what I would suggest.
    To facilitate readers to send you notes more personal in nature, personal advice or something personal about themselves, which they may not want others to know, I suggest that you leave your e-mail address on your profile page.

    You see, if your contact address is on your profile page, this comment would have gone there and I might say more. It is yours to maul over.

  2. anonymous..thanks for yr comment.i have included my email address in my profile.